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    One of the biggest challenges facing newspaper and magazine editors is attracting younger readers to their products. Once you draw these readers in with subject matter that interests them, they will no doubt explore other aspects of the publication and become regular readers.
    How many times have you heard readers or focus groups say they buy your publication because they prefer your TV guide or because you carry one advice columnist over the other. They may come for these things but by and large, they stay and read the rest of your product.
    The video game industry generated $10 billion in 2003. The bulk of their marketing is through advertising campaigns, word-of-mouth and specialty industry publications. There are very few media outlets, outside of some major metropolitan papers, that devote any ink to video game coverage.
    By hiring Charlie to write video game reviews for your publication on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis, you get an accomplished, experienced, award-winning hard-news journalist with a 20-year background in gaming. Joy Schtick is an entertaining, down-to-earth column that skips a lot of the industry jargon and gets to the point -- Should I spend $50 for this game.
    Charlie has a solid working relationship with several large video game companies and receives all of the hot video game titles in a timely manner. He can also tailor the column to your editorial needs from length to editorial tone. And, unlike other syndicated columnists, he negotiates price based on your individual paper's freelance rate.
    In the coming days, you will be able to view and purchase current game reviews and stories by following this link.