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Bitter Beer, Pittsburgh City Paper
           The Loss of Iron City Has Left A Bad Aftertaste

Pet Cause, Pittsburgh City Paper
           If it weren't for a handful of volunteers, Tiger Ranch might still be in operation today. What does that say about the animal-welfare system?

Art of The Deal, Pittsburgh City Paper
          There's big money in studying art ... if you own the school
Private Dick, Pittsburgh City Paper
    In Pennsylvania, all divorce records are public, unless of course you're a billionaire

Sex For Drugs case tries Top Court, Pitttsburgh City Paper
    Plum doctor takes appeal to top court

Bitter Pills, Pittsburgh CIty Paper
    A tale of sex, drugs and deception

Betting on addiction, Pittsburgh City Paper
    Can Pennsylvania ante up the money needed to treat future gambling addicts

Grand Theft Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh City Paper
    The city could have a thriving video game industry if we could stop other cities from stealing the talent out from under us. See more on video games here.

LETTING CHIPS FALL,  Pittsburgh City Paper
    Where will expanded gambling leave Pennsylvania? Just look next door to West Virginia . 

Alien Abduction, In Pittsburgh News Weekly
          An investigation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service's incarceration of legal immigrants. The story resulted in freedom for one individual.

The Final Roundup, Pittsburgh Magazine
       An enterprise story examining the practice of selling U.S. race horses to the slaughter industry for consumption overseas.

Present and Unaccounted For, In Pittsburgh Weekly
       For years, city council members would report for roll call at weekly meetings, be marked present and then often leave meetings missing out on votes and debate.
Will Criminals Walk, In Pittsburgh Weekly
       An evidence backlog at the county crime lab due to under-funding and under-staffing was threatening to jeopardize thousands of open criminal cases.

No Justice in the Dark, In Pittsburgh Weekly
        An investigation of the alleged cover-up of an officer-involved shooting.

A Terrace Dies in Squirrel Hill, In Pittsburgh Weekly    
        A look at the gentrification of a neighborhood artists' enclave.

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